Monday, June 15, 2009

The Florist's Daughter #5

  • Patricia's Garden was her father's or mother's garden.
  • Her mother's name was Elizabeth.
  • She adores 19th century novels.
  • They live paycheck to paycheck.
  • They told her not to worry about money.
  • How was she living in the 19th century?
  • Who is Stan to her?
  • What are cabbage roses?
  • Who is Miss Muffet on the bench?
  • meticulously- careful and precise
  • propping- rigid support or to comfort
  • monastic- relating to monks, nuns or their way of life
2-Literary Terms
  • Tone- The tone starts to get sad from content during the middle of this chapter.
  • Hyperbole- "Flounced so high it went up to the moon."
1-Overview Sentence
  • She talks about family photos and a man named Stan.

The Florist's Daughter #4

5- Comments
  • She called the snow "monastic".
  • She thinks her city was very romantic, Boston.
  • Their lives were little but they had strong weather.
  • St. Paul is in Boston.
  • She wrote notes on her mother.
  • Where is Linwood?
  • How long ago was the Pioneer Press?
  • What do they mean sitting on Benito?
  • What is the St. Paul trick?
  • solidarity- mutual agreement and support
  • plight- unfortunate condition or to make a vow
  • realism- practical understanding of life
2-Literary Terms
  • Setting- "Two years ago in Boston..."
  • Diction- "A deep burn of shame, the hopelessness of escape."
1-Overview Sentence
  • The Florist's daughter talks about her family in Boston and about St. Paul.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Florist's Daughter #3

  • Her mother liked to read a lot.
  • Shakespeare calls words "airy nothings".
  • Her aunt Lillian was almost raped.
  • Her father learned flower arranging from a Nisei who came to Minnesota during a war.
  • Her aunt Lillian lives by the Golden Rule now.
  • Who was Leo the Lion again?
  • Why didn't they think she could handle the truth?
  • There are flower bills?
  • Was her mother a florist?
  • enamel- glassy decorative or protective coating
  • operative- in effect
  • judiciously- sensible and wise
2-Literary Terms
  • Mood- She sounded happy when her father did things for her mother.
  • Diction- "A deep burn of shame, the hopelessness of escape."
1-Overview Sentence
  • The family and how they have their own stories.

The Florist's Daughter #2

  • She sees her family as dysfunctional but she still loves them.
  • Her father is from Czech Republic.
  • The book seems well thought out.
  • She should have left her parents house sooner.
  • I think she make a lot of excuses.
  • Does she hate her mother that much?
  • Is this book only about her personal thoughts?
  • Does she have a big family?
  • Why doesn't she talk about her aunts as much?
  • basso- a bass singer
  • bequeath- leave somebody something in the will
  • belfry- a space for bells or bell tower
2-Literary Terms
  • Hyperbole-"I was dying to tell them...'
  • Mood- She seems sad when she talks about her mother.
1-Overview Sentence
  • She expresses her personal thoughts and views of her family.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Florist's Daughter

  • She really loves her mother and admires her.
  • Her mom seems like a great person.
  • Her mother is proud of her.
  • The girl watches a lot of TV.
  • Her mother is like a happy and outgoing type of person.
  • What is Birdie's?
  • So her mother is the florist?
  • Who is Scott Fitzgerald?
  • Where did the camera come from?
  • hieratic- a stylized form
  • ardent- passionate
  • abashed-make somebody ashamed
2-Literary Terms
  • Imagery-"But that sour face with her elderly chubby cheeks.."
  • Mood- "Though not him, as the room seemed to brighten..."
1-Overview Sentence
  • The Florist's daughter reflects on her mother's ways.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Continental Drift #10

5- Comments
  • Emile looks like a girl's name.
  • They like to dance a lot.
  • Theres a lot of foreign words.
  • They think Vanise is dead at first.
  • They all get baptized, including Vanise.

4- Questions

  • What is a loa?
  • Where are Ghede and Emile?
  • What type of language is Creole?
  • Why is Charles being baptized?

3- Vocabulary

  • intervention- action affecting another's affairs
  • malicious- deliberately harmful
  • insatiable- always wanting more

2- Literary Terms

  • Dialogue- "No? Ghede says." "Tell me! Agwe says."
  • Imagery- " if people had been dancing crazily and energetically for hours."

1- Overview Sentence

  • Vanise and them are finally in Miami.

Continental Drift #9

5- Comments
  • Bob was happy Eddie died.
  • They drink too much beer.
  • Bob is suppose to be the captain of the boat.
  • The book has a lot of detail.
  • They finally get from Providence Island to Florida.

4- Questions

  • Who is Tyrone?
  • Why is the boat called Belinda Blue?
  • Why dont they like Haitians?
  • Where is the family?

3- Vocabulary

  • passive- not actively taking part
  • willful- deliberate
  • liberal- broad-minded

2- Literary Terms

  • Dialogue- "Cigarette?" "C'mon, have a cigarette if you want."
  • Onomatopeia- "Squatting down..."

1- Overview Sentence

  • Bob is at sea with some friends.